Adding Data Labels in G Sheets Screencast Artifact (week 7)

Extending a Data-driven Activity

I decided to make a 2-minute screencast about how to add data labels to a chart or plot using Google Sheets. The original activity was to create a Hertzsprung-Russell diagram using stellar parameter data collected from Stellarium. You can actually see me explain this lab last year during the pandemic virtual school year. Doing this lab in person was A LOT better.

Which screen capture or screencast tool did you use?

I created both the screencast about adding data labels and also the lab explanation from last year using Screenflow for Mac. Screencasts have been a part of my teaching tool kit since they started. That means it is worth it for me to pay for a professional program like Screencast. There are more serious screencast packages available but Screenflow hits all the right notes for me.

Once I exported the video, I posted it to my YouTube channel under the astronomy playlist. I have used other video streaming solutions in the past but until the state of the industry shifts, I am going to stick with YouTube.

Did you find the tool easy or difficult to use, or somewhere in between?

The learning curve for Screenflow is rather like learning any graphics editing package. There are some interesting shifts when you are creating videos and adding annotations. The online forum for Screenflow is helpful and often people make screencasts of how to do certain things in Screenflow. Nice.

Who is the audience for this type of material?

Although this is meant for my high school students, this might be useful for anyone wanting to add data labels in Google Sheets.

Do you think that screen capture/screencasting is a technology tool you will continue to use?

I have been using screencasting for a long time and I will keep using it for a long time. It was indispensable during the pandemic.

Do you have experience using any other screen capture or screencasting software before this week?

Although I’ve used a lot of packages before, I hadn’t ever used the ending and opening titles nor added the exact type of annotations I added here.

Is there anything else you would like to add about this topic or about your work this week?

All educators need to become comfortable with screencasting.