My research goals are to explore how computer science learning can support physics and astronomy learning. My CV has a list of all public talks, publications, and conference proceedings.

Computational Thinking

One way to study how learning in physics and astronomy is impacted by computing is to use a computational thinking framework. You can read my current thinking on what that means here.

Since mid-2020, I have created a variety of physics and astronomy coding projects using Google Colab for Python and the STEMcoding platform using p5js. Most of the Python projects are available as a GitHub repository.

Research Projects

Student Research Mentoring

  • MIT/Harvard Quantum Computing for Secondary Students
    • 2022 – Pilot Initiative at Bellaire High School
  • ExMASS (4 teams)
    • 2011 – Crater Chains
    • 2012 – Lunar Landing Sites
    • 2015 – Asteroid Analysis
    • 2016 – Asteroid Analysis
  • Bellaire Astronomy Research Team (3 teams)
    • 2018 – Quasar outflows
    • 2019 – Quasar outflows
    • 2022 – Spectral Energy Distributions of Quasars
  • AP Research 2021 (Carnegie High School student)
    • SDSS and Gaia data filtering for quasars

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