Engaging Scholars using Twitter (week 10)

“How do you see this social media space contributing to your work as an academic/scholar/teacher?”

I’ve been using social media to connect to professional learning communities since the first one popped up. I used to create an account on all the different systems to make sure I got the username I wanted. Mostly though, the cultural issues with social media mean I am very picky about which systems I use and how I use them.

One cool story though about education research and social media though. Several years ago, I was trolling a Facebook group for astronomy educators asking for some help with a research project I wanted to try with students. I got some good feedback but one response, in particular, has grown into a long-term research partnership. Dr. Sean Johnson messaged me to offer to help me out with my research project. I was thrilled. Then he said, “Didn’t you teach me computer science teacher at Bellaire?” Sure enough, I had. This former student had just finished his Ph.D. in astrophysics and here he was helping me help out students. Facebook still sucks though.

I chose to use Twitter because the corporate greed and stink of moral corruption that hovers around social media is least awful with Twitter. I personally think the original LiveJournal was the best social media service. It’s all been downhill since VC took the nerds and homebrew nature out of “roll your own” web tools.

Engaging with researchers using Twitter has become one of my favorite uses of social media ever. There is a sense that I can get direct and yet informal access to other researchers and get feedback on ideas.

Anyway, here are some screenshots of me engaging with scholars surrounding my own education research as a scholar.

This is a screenshot of a poster with me tagging the organizers of the conference for which I was presenting
This project is a part of my dissertation.
Here I am trying to build some social engagement using some tagging of scholars and hashtags.