Direct Video Measurement with Smartphones (week 11)

Which app did you choose to use for assessment or for classroom engagement and why did you choose that app? 

Having physics students generate their own data using a smartphone brings an inquiry-based approach to the classroom. Here students record videos of real events in class and then analyze the video using a web app called Pivot Interactives.

Below is the desktop web-based interface for Pivot Interactives with a lot more available features.

Pivot Interactives Desktop Interface (web-based)

What challenges or limitations did you encounter with the app that you chose? 

Even though the school helped with the cost of $5 per student, the cost element is frustrating. The benefit of having a paid app is that the predatory nature of free apps that vacuum up user data from students is not an issue.

Also, the interface for uploading the videos was finicky. Luckily, students worked in groups and at least one person per group could get the upload to work.

Is there another app that you have used before that you find to be efficient, accessible, and easy to use? 

I’ve used so many. I do not believe “Ed Tech” has the best interest of learners, educators, or schools in mind when designing the “free” tools. We should problematize how and why tech startups want students, teachers, and schools to use their services. Audrey Watters can explain it better than I can.