Observing at the George Observatory 2017-11-25

Saturday, November 25, 2017, I volunteered with my 10” Dobsonian telescope at the George Observatory inside Brazos Bend State Park south of Sugar Land, Texas. The night was party cloudy, but 9 PM we had mostly clear skies. There were around 150 there from dusk to 9:30. The other volunteers help me find some first-time targets and I went through a lot of other well-loved targets. I also did a short 1-mile hike around the observatory along the Creekfield Lake trail. It’s short but usually empty. It’s a nice walk through the woods.

Here is my list:

  • Mirach’s Ghost (elliptical galaxy NGC 404)
  • Albireo (double star appearing green and white or blue and yellow)
  • The moon including Purbach’s Cross or the Lunar X (this view changed throughout the night)
  • Variable star grouping (appearing red, white, and blue) V* 695 Cygni
  • M57 – The Ring Nebula (planetary nebula)
  • M42 – Orion Nebula including the Trapezium cluster
  • NGC 663 – faint open cluster in Cassiopeia
  • M38 – Open cluster in Auriga
  • M36 – Open cluster in Auriga
  • Uranus (through 20″ Dob)
  • Neptune (through 20″ Dob)
  • Dumbbell Nebula with OIII filter (through neighbor’s 10″ Dob)
View of the observatory from the Creekfield Lake trail
Along the Creekfield Lake trail
Along the Creekfield Lake trail
Along the Creekfield Lake trail
I guess this is Creekfield Lake
I could have smiled. I promise I was happy to be there.
My 10″ Orion Dobsonian reflector
The Lunar X or Purbach’s Cross is clearly visible on the terminator.