Houston Mini Maker Faire 2016

Houston Mini Maker Faire 2016!

My name is Jimmy Newland and I am a physics, astronomy, and (sometimes) computer science teacher at Bellaire High School. Over the last few years, I’ve been learning electronics. This stuff fits in perfectly with computer science and physics. I’ve been experimenting with labs for physics based on Arduinos and sensors. I was inspired after reading an article in The Physics Teacher about a lab studying simple harmonic motion using an Arduino board and an ultrasonic sensor. There is also another from the same author about an RC circuit analysis lab using Arduinos.

Check out the physics labs I’ve cobbled together that have students using Arduino boards and sensors to gather data from the real world.

I’ve also made a hobby out of electronics and was very excited to partner with 2 of my former students to display our handiwork at the 2016 Houston Mini Maker Faire.

Here are a few of my creations:

  • Binary Minute Timer
  • VU Meter (the knob goes to 11!)
  • Neopixel Ring Clock with GPS and RTC
  • Spooky Eyes Pumpkin