Computational Thinking in Math and Science Infographic Artifact (week 4)

This infographic is meant to show visually how the computational thinking in math and science taxonomy created by Weintrop et al. (2016) might look. The infographic is something I might use in a poster or a talk or a paper.

CTMS Taxonomy Infographic (Weintrop et al., 2016)

What adventure did you complete?

Using SmartArt in PowerPoint Adventure

What did you learn that was new to you? Please be specific about the skills and knowledge you learned in this adventure.

I learned how to use the hierarchical structure of the SmartArt interface to get just the look and feel I wanted for my CTMS infographic.

How will you use these skills in your teaching?

Adding new tools to presentation skills is always helpful for an educator. This sort of infographic is a common thing to see and now I can make my own.

What questions do you still have about this content?

I wonder about the extensibility of the API from PPT to other tools like Google Slides, Canva, GIMP, etc.

Where will you go from here? How will you get there?

The next thing might be to learn some more professional infographic production skills using something like the Adobe suite of products. I am familiar with InDesign and Photoshop. Those tools might lead to more polished graphics.