I am no code poet but I do enjoy software engineering. Sometimes I create apps and scripts for some practical reason and other times just for fun. Here are a few.

NSF Expeditions in Computing RET 2018

During the summer of 2018, I did some original research at Rice University’s Scalable Health Labs. The project page has code, results, plots, and demo videos.

To Be Read (PHP)

My wife is a serious bibliophile and was torn about how to choose the next book to read. I offered to write a simple script that randomly chooses one title from a list and called it “To Be Read“. It isn’t anything fancy but it made her happy so I’m happy.

Polar Bears (Java)

When I was a junior in high school back in Mississippi I attended a 3 week summer program called Mississippi Governor’s School. Other states have these geek-camps as well including my home state of Texas. Mine had a wonderful instructor for the astronomy and space science course named Jim McMurtray. He worked for Stennis Space Center and now is on the board of directors of a national math and science education advocacy group in Washington. He taught about space, astronomy, information theory and a game called polar bears. There is a funny rhyme that goes along with the throwing of 5 or 6 dice.
Polar Bears They Come In Pairs!

Just a random list of words