Teaching Physics - xkcd
Teaching Physics – xkcd

Welcome to AP physics C! Physics is challenging but can really change the way a person sees the world. One gets out of it what one puts into it.

The basic curriculum is centered around AP physics C. The goal of the curriculum  is to emulate a calculus-based introductory physics course. The method of delivery will vary. Lectures are common but meant to be short. In class activities will center around guided problem solving (both multiple-choice and free-response), class discussion on conceptual topics, graphing and interpreting graphical data, and lab activities and experimentation. Where possible, students will use inquiry-based instruction.



  • Major Tests (1-2 per grading cycle): 75%
  • Daily Grades (including homework): 10%
  • Labs and Experimentation (scaffolded, open, and guided): 15%

Assessment will involve work with released exams for the AP curriculum.