Library Card Form

Create an HTML Library Card Form

Create an HTML form meant to be a registration page for a library card at your local library that accepts the following inputs:

  • Name (one that includes both first and last) as a text box
  • Email address as a text box
  • Pull-down menu for gender (m/f/choose not to answer)
  • Radio button for “county resident (yes/no)”
  • Textarea for comments
  • Submit and Reset buttons

You can use the showform.php script mentioned in the text to simply display the results of the form by using:

<form action="" method="post">

This is the opening tag of the form portion of the code. This will simply display everything that the form contains and not do anything else with it. In a real-world situation you would want to save this in a database perhaps, or send the information in an email message to handled later.