Inline Images

I want each person to create and upload via FTP a web document (HTML file) that uses the images listed below. Note that these images are hosted on a server and you SHOULD NOT download the images. You will be using the complete URL to display the images.

Just display the images inline.  Note: to use the images I have listed below, here is the proper HTML to display an image inline (which means in the page):

<img src="" alt="something descriptive" width="x" />

Don’t download the images to your computer. Use the whole address — including the http part. Don’t forget the alt attribute for each image.

These images are big so I have given you a smaller version from Flickr. You will set the width to 150px. Don’t set the height so the browser will scale the height to match.

Just below each image add a link to the page on Flickr for the given image. This page allows the viewer to choose other sizes of the image. Here is the code for creating a link to an external website:

<a href="">text you want user to click</a>

Here is a template page to get you started. View the source on this page and copy and paste the HTML as a starting point.

All 10 images and their respective Flickr pages can be found at the Astronomy Photos Flickr set and here is a list of the titles and image URLs.