Group Project Info

Group Project

Each group will create a multi-page website with no less than 1 page per member that acts as either a real or imaginary information resource. That can be a small library website, a special website for a larger library system, some kind of special collection or service website, a public information resource or community website, a school library website, an academic information resource or really anything that you can come up with. The site will be grading using a rubric that involves most of the content from the course.

It is okay to use website templates for the completion of this project. You must cite the source and use only public-domain or creative-commons licensed material (or a similar license). Once a group chooses a template, the site should use the overarching theme for all pages or at least make an attempt to create the pages with a similar look and feel.

  • Site demonstrates mastery of basic HTML markup and structure
  • Site uses correct implementation of DOCTYPE and encoding
  • Site demonstrates mastery of block-level HTML (p, heading, br, etc.)
  • Site demonstrates mastery of in-line image usage
  • Site demonstrates mastery of linking to local or remote files via HTML
  • Site uses correct implementation of local stylesheet or CSS on multiple pages
  • Site demonstrates some usage of formatting with HTML-Styles usage
  • Site demonstrates mastery of ordered or unordered lists
  • Site uses correct implementation of HTML tables
  • Site uses correct implementation of HTML forms with the provided script
  • Site uses coherent, consistent, and appropriate look and feel
  • Site adequately demonstrates an appropriate information resource
  • Whole-group involvement in project design and creation evident