This is Mr. Newland’s astronomy page. These pages are here to help not only Bellaire High School astronomy students but also those looking for information & resources about amateur astronomy in the Houston area and beyond.

There are often class star parties and observing events which are open to the public at large so check back often. Events are usually held at Bellaire High School just outside the science wing near the ROTC buildings on the athletic fields.

Course Description

There is an frequently updated syllabus with more information.

Astronomy at Bellaire High School is a year-long lab-based course. Students are expected to take an active role during class time. Instead of the traditional lecture format, students will participate in lecture-tutorials, peer-instruction, and other learner-centered models during both class and lab time. Besides classroom work, students will be complete an observational component as well as a research paper. Likely the research and the observation elements will compliment one another. Astronomy teachers can find a complete curriculum guide based on this course.


Free free to contact Mr. Newland if you have questions or comments. There is also a course calendar to which you can subscribe.

Course Outline (Syllabus)

The course is broken down by semester into solar system astronomy in the Fall and stellar and galactic astronomy in the Spring. Many topics are covered in increasing depth as the year goes on. There is heavy emphasis on comparative planetology in the course as well as in depth study of human and robotic exploration of space. Although every effort is made to teach astrophysical topics at an appropriate level some advanced material is inevitable. This course is not a physics course but there will be some crazy physics and math from time to time. Lecture notes are kept online for review and make-up work purposes. Students are required to bring their lab notebooks, a pencil and pen to class everyday!

Homework & LMS

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