Curriculum Vitae

James (Jimmy) Newland


Teacher – Bellaire High School (Houston ISD)

September 1996 – present Supervisor: Michael McDonough, principal

  • Certified Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate instructor
  • Courses taught at Bellaire High School:
    • Computer math 1996 – 2001
    • Web design (course & curriculum designed by J Newland) 2000 – 2002
    • AP & IB computer science 1996 – 2015
    • Introductory computer science (curriculum designed by J Newland) 2008-2009
    • Astronomy (course & curriculum designed by J Newland) 2008 – present
    • AP-C & IB-HL Physics 2012 – present
  • Certifications held in Texas: physics, computer science

Adjunct Professor Univ. of N. Texas School of Library and Information Sciences

Fall 2004 – Spring 2017 Supervisor: Dr. Suliman Hamawdeh

  • Taught an introductory and an advanced web design course for the SLIS graduate program in Houston, TX with both face-to-face and online components using WebCT & Blackboard

Campus Network Specialist, Bellaire High School (Houston ISD)
Fall 2001 – Spring 2008 Supervisor: Tim Salem, principal

  • Campus Network Specialist: Coordinated campus technology policy & budget, designed & implemented training courses, oversaw campus technical support, created web content & web applications for campus use, grant writing and implementation; Concurrent with teaching position


Bellaire High School & Houston Astronomical Society Skynet Junior Scholars Program 2017 – present

  • Designed and implemented a joint remote observing program between students at Bellaire High School and teen members of the Houston Astronomical Society using the Skynet Junior Scholars collaborative robotic telescope network. Students collect data from global telescope network to perform various research tasks.

Member of University of Texas at Austin Astronomy Department Teacher Associate Program (EXES)
Managing scientists: Dr. Keely Finkelstein & Dr. Chris Sneden
2009 – present

  • Participate in research-based training in astrophysics through colloquia, hands-on activities and training, and research trips to McDonald Observatory.

Master Teacher for McDonald Observatory Teacher Training
Managing astronomers: Dr. Keely Finkelstein, Mr. Mark Wetzel, Dr. Judy Meyer, Dr. Jeffery Silverman
Summer 2015 & Summer 2017

  • Helped design and implement curriculum elements including hands-on labs and activities and telescope observing programs for K-12 teachers from across the U.S.

Public Star Parties & Sidewalk Astronomy Fall 2008 – present

  • Organized, hosted and ran public star parties as part of astronomy course and organized sidewalk astronomy events with Houston Public Library and in conjunction with Houston Astronomical Society and Fort Bend Astronomy Club/Houston Museum of Natural Science George Observatory.

Graduate research: Development of a Thermal Plasma Moment Analyzer Based on a Superconducting Line (2-D) Dipole Electromagnet Spring & Summer 1996

  • Dr. Edgar Bering; Jimmy Newland Research Assistant – University of Houston Space Physics

Senior undergraduate research: The Cosmic Gamma-Ray Background Above the Earth’s Atmosphere Spring 1994

  • Jimmy Newland & John Patrick Lestrade, Mississippi State University – presented at Mississippi Academy of Sciences, 59th Annual Meeting

Observatory Manager Mississippi State Department of Physics & Astronomy
Fall 1993 – Spring 1995

  • Hosted observing sessions for astronomy classes and the public at Mississippi State University Physics & Astronomy Department Observatory in Starkville MS

Student Lab Manager Mississippi State Department of Physics & Astronomy
Spring 1993 – Spring 1995

  • Distributed and collected labs equipment and materials for undergraduate course laboratory sections


Master Teacher for WeTeach_CS Collaborative Computer Science Teaching at Rice (CSTAR)
Fall 2016 – Summer 2017 Contacts: Matthew Cushing & Allen Antoine

  • Created curriculum, taught coursework, and led a team of other computer science teachers for the CSTAR project for the Office of STEM Engagement at Rice University

Founding Member of Bellaire High School Makerspace 2016 – present

  • Design and implement informal education training sessions on use of Makerspace tools and technology such as microcontrollers, 3D printers, CAD software, electronics, general project design, etc. for Bellaire High School

Master Teacher for Computer Science Computing and Mentoring Partnership (CS-CAMP) for High School & Middle School Girls at Rice University

Fall 2003 – Summer 2008 Primary contact: Michael Sirois

  • Created curriculum, taught coursework, and led a team of other HISD computer science teachers for the CS-CAMP project for the Center for Excellence and Equity in Education at Rice University

Consultant for HISD Library Services

2001-2008 Primary contact: Deborah Hall

  • Training, web design, curriculum development for librarian professional development

HISD Student Portal Design Team


  • Member of the initial design team for the roll-out of HISD’s student web portal

Librarian’s Internet Research Institute

Summers 1998-2002

  • Co-taught summer institute for librarians focusing on Internet research skills, web design, and other related topics for HISD library services department

Consultant for City of Bellaire Library

Summer 2002

  • Designed the former website for the City of Bellaire library

Various HISD & Bellaire HS Teacher Training Sessions

  • Perform professional development for teachers covering a variety of technology-related topics


University of Houston College of Education December 1999

  • Masters of Science in Education (Curriculum and Instruction: science emphasis)

University of Houston Dept of Physics Fall 1995 – Summer 1996

  • Research and Teaching Assistant in Space Physics – no degree conferred

Mississippi State University May 1995

  • Bachelors of Science in Physics and Astronomy


  • Houston Astronomical Society/Fort Bend Astronomy Club Star Party Outreach 2009 – present
    Run personal and club observing equipment for use by general public
  • Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church Fall 2001 – 2008
    Youth group advisor, worship committee, religious education committee